Yummble Bee's


Melissa Dennard created Yummble Bee's Skin Care Company because her daughter had eczema and nothing worked on her inflamed skin (whether it was prescribed or over-the-counter).

When Melissa handed out samples of her homemade skin care products to family members and friends over the years, she always received positive feedback on how her products restored their skin back to a healthy state. This feedback ignited a flame and desire in her to showcase her products to the world, and help people have a better relationship with their skin.

In 2015 Melissa decided to take a leap of faith. She quit her job, got an esthetics license, and began to work on her business full time. That’s how Yummble Bee's was born! 

Melissa's ultimate goal is to have Yummble Bee’s become a household name locally and internationally, to be a company that has people excited about skin care.

Melissa loves teaching about the importance of bees, pollination and the therapeutic properties of bee products. Yummble Bee’s supports local bee farms, and most of our products contain raw honey, propolis, and royal jelly, known to promote skin regeneration by improving collagen production.

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