It all started with a little plan for a party – and a desire to offer something intriguing and delicious to my friends. Olive Tapenade was suggested, but after looking around, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I figured I had to make my own!

I cobbled together all of my tapenade memories, and then added my own twist. I crossed my fingers, and it was a hit! It then became a requested and expected item at parties I threw and parties I went to – it was my dish! It made me so happy to share my little creation.

Then, life took a little turn. I joined the Peace Corps and fell in love with Paraguay. I was gone for awhile, but when I came back for a short visit a friend told me, “Of course I’ve missed you a lot, but I’ve really missed your tapenade! I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anything as yummy… you really need to sell this stuff!”

So, in a nutshell, that’s how it started. This one “Arrestingly Delicious” tapenade has now launch a whole line of sassy savory spreads.

I love creating intense & interesting flavors – and I look forward to sharing them with you!


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