Rubarama exists because of some dogged kitchen tinkering, all in an effort to create a great dry rub to use in a smoker. After many, many iterations, there was a final recipe. They didn't think it would be anything more than something they would use themselves. And then, some friends stopped by...

After a weekend of those friends visiting, eating and drinking — and eating more — they knew that we had something special. Rubarama was born that day.

Deb, one half of Rubarama, believed that other people would love these spice blends just as much as their friends had. So, she used her experience in branding and business development to start the company, create a finished product, and surprised Rama with the first packaged Rubarama No. 4 for his birthday.

So, who is Rama? He is the other half of Rubarama and, yes, that really is his name. He is the kitchen chemist who has made their original two spice blends come to fruition.

As Deb pulled together the company and the final product, she adhered to a principle that she established for Rubarama — The Goodness of the Yummy Goodness. She didn't want to get the cheapest tin nor the least expensive labels; she wanted to ensure that anything that they were using for Rubarama — from the label to the shipping boxes — was helping other companies and communities sustain or grow. When creating any of our products, we work with other smaller businesses and use materials made in the U.S. Other than some spices that don't naturally grow here, when you use Rubarama you are getting a little bit of culinary heaven that is supporting other family-owned/small businesses in Colorado, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York.

Deb and Rama thank you for supporting them and others like them that are committed to quality products and strengthening our economy and communities.

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