Regina Designs of Elegance


Regina learned how to sew in Home Economics in Junior High School (I.S. 136) in Harlem. The first pattern she made was for her first-born child, a pattern made out of a paper bag. She made jumpers and short sets using her mother's pant leg. (Her mom was unable to buy her fabric—so she improvised!) 

As the years went by, Regina enjoyed making beautiful unique gifts for her family, friends and co-workers. Sewing is very therapeutic for Regina. She loves creating custom-made designs, visualizing them and making them come to life because "there's nothing like being original!" 

Today Regina is very proud to say she is living her dreams and is officially a Small Business owner from Harlem. Through the RDOE brand, Regina offers custom-made gifts, including:

  • Wine sets
  • Coaster sets
  • Eyeglass cases
  • Curtains & drapes
  • Decorated vases,
  • Shower curtain sets

Facebook @rdoeharlem