NINI “A Sip of Africa” is a beverage company that grew out of the heart of a Togolese American entrepreneur with a fire in her heart and a passion for good taste!

Naima Atti comes from a strong line of entrepreneurs. She learned early on that the magic of creating, sharing and accelerating were her gifts; and that she was tasked with sharing it with the world.

Naima was 10 years old when she moved from hometown, Lome, Togo, to New York. Lome and her current home, Harlem, NY, have influenced her deeply. Today Naima's mission is to create a sustainable pathway for economic stability for entrepreneurs based in Togo & in Harlem! In line with her vision, every bottle of NINI Bissap that is sold goes to the training of a Togolese entrepreneur in the cocoa industry and a Harlem-based entrepreneur in the digital marketing industry. NINI's is a resource-based community development approach that encourages self-confidence and independence. It inspires an appreciation of existing resources in the community and the confidence to build upon them. 

Each person that enjoys one of NINI's drinks is partaking in NINI’s mission to share the story of the people they support while investing in a greater future for them all. Let’s take a great step towards rebuilding OUR Africa, the original birthplace of all people.

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