"Born in Jamaica, I grew up in the cool hills of rural St. Andrew, in a town called Mt. Friendship, drinking 'lemonade' made with limes and brown sugar. In the fertile gully where my grandmother grew various produce, limes, oranges and grapefruit were abundant, but lemons were few.

The sweet, tart drink, as I remember it, was delicious--refreshing and altogether satisfying. Imagine my surprise when I first asked for lemonade in the United States. What I received in no way resembled what I had come to recognize as lemonade--neither in color, taste nor bouquet were they the same.

Although I later developed a taste for lemons, I really missed the homegrown version of my favorite drink, so I started making it whenever I would find limes at the market. I made my lemonade for friends whenever I had a gathering at my house. They all loved it. Few had tried anything like it before.

After spending years looking for a really good limeade drink, I realized that there was a gap in the market. Thus, Limation was born."

— Charmaine DaCosta, Founder