Leela Ryan

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"I was a first time dog owner and quickly became overwhelmed with all the feeding choices available on the market. However, most ingredients lists were full of junk or the treats were so smelly they made me smell like a liver factory all day.

To solve my problem, I began cooking for my dog. I added more plants into her diet, making her treats from her favorite fruits and veggies. She loved them--and so did her doggie friends at the park!

I decided to start a dog treat company and named it after my dog, Leela Ryan. The dog biscuits are delicious and just happen to be vegan. They're made with 3 ingredients you’d eat yourself, wheat-free, and with no preservatives. Perfect for all dogs, especially dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies."

- Vanessa, Founder of Leela Ryan

Leela Ryan dog biscuits are all-natural plant-based dog biscuits made in New York City. Treats should be simple. No chemicals. No preservatives. No by-products. Just wholesome ingredients and great taste.

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