Lara Land


Lara discovered the power of a focused mind to heal and succeed while doing transformative work in Rwanda. She has since traveled worldwide sharing techniques for personal goal crushing and world betterment. My Bliss Book, her newly release daily planner + online coaching program was created in direct response to her talks, answering the call of what people feel they need to stay consistently on track to meet and exceed their goals and be in service to others.

My Bliss Book is a gorgeous gold daily planner which has pages to write and draw weekly and monthly goals, as well as a personal contract, affirmations, and reminders. This unique planner uses a formula of creative visualization + backward planning to ensure each one of its users will remember her calling each and every day and do at least one thing towards that goal. The book comes with a secret mailing list sign up which provides the user with meditations, pdfs, challenges, and support sent bi-weekly directly to her inbox. 

Lara is also the owner of Land Yoga which opened in 2011 in Harlem and the founder of yoga non-profit, Three and a Half Acres Yoga, also Harlem based.


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