Cori René

cori rene

After years of using unknown ingredients and harsh chemicals topically, founder Nykeba Corinaldi began experimenting with whole, healthy ingredients that would nurture her body inside and out while in her college kitchen. Embracing the unknown and adopting a healthier lifestyle influenced her mindset significantly. She stopped chemically processing her hair and began researching the healing powers of herbs and plants. Her research led her to handcrafting her own plant based formulas from scratch.

In 2010, Nykeba whipped up her first batch of unscented Hydration Butta during a snowstorm in Syracuse, NY. She still remembers how nourished her skin and hair felt, after experiencing the moisturizing powers of Hydration Butta.

After a few years of wearing and sharing Hydration Butta with family and friends, hearing an array of compliments received by our testers and testing other sustainable skincare products, she knew it was time to spread her passion for creating a rejuvenating skin care line. Cori René sold their first jar of Hydration Butta in 2013. To this day, their natural, all-purpose moisturizer is their most popular creation and continues to nurture the skin, scalp and strands of many.

Embracing all of Mother Nature's greatness allowed them to create a skincare collection that uplifts your senses and benefits your total well being. They’re still inspired by nature and powered by the many hidden treasures that our earth provides.

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