Original Limeade


Six 12-oz bottles per case.

Freshly squeezed lime juice, organic cane sugar, filtered water and other natural ingredients, minus the preservatives and other additives. 

Fun Facts About Limes

  • Lime is a citrus fruit
  • Limes are a great source of vitamin C

  • Limes are grown year round and are less sour than their cousin Lemon

  • Limes were thought to have originated in Southeast Asia

  • Limes made their way to the New World with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493, and were subsequently planted in many Caribbean countries whose hot, humid climates supported the cultivation of this fruit.

  • The introduction of limes to the United States began in the 16th century when Spanish Explorers brought the West Indies lime to the Florida Keys, beginning the advent of Key limes.

  • Today, Brazil, Mexico and the United States are among the leading commercial producers of limes.

  • British explorers and traders, who were readily using the vitamin C-rich limes that grew in their West Indies colonies to prevent scurvy, earned the nickname "limey," a word that is often still used colloquially for persons of British descent.

  • Limes contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

After suffering from a craving for Jamaican "lemonade" for years, Limation founder Charmaine shares her favorite childhood drink with the world.