NINI Jinja, Tebé, & Jinja Spiced


PRICE: $24 (3 bottles)

Three 12-oz bottles per order.

Sipping NINI JINJA & NINI JINJA SPICED will fire your metabolism, allowing you to flush fat as you enjoy your daily meals and lifestyle. NINI JINJA & NINI JINJA SPICED increase the burn rate of extra calories during your routine workouts. The addition of lemons and pineapple create a natural detoxifer. 

NINI TEBÉ is naturally sweet and refreshing! In the scorching desert heat in the ancient Nile Valley, the Pharaohs Egypt had their preferred beverage as the same bissap now available to you in NINI BISSAP to fight dehydration and heat, and to keep cool!

Benefits of Tebé: Detoxifies & cleanses, speeds metabolism, controls cholesterol levels, promotes healthy skin, boosts energy

Benefits of Jinja: Boosts the immune system, fights nausea and digestive issues, anti-inflammatory, powerful anti-oxidant, natural aphrodisiac

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