PRICE: $30 (6-Pack)

Ginjan is a traditional West African beverage that is made with:

Fresh Organic Ginger, Cold-pressed Organic Pineapples, Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemons, Organic Vanilla, Organic Anise, and Organic Cane Sugar.

This delicious beverage is never heated, contains no GMOs, no preservatives. It is instead High Pressure Processed (a method that uses pressures of over 87,000 pounds per square inch) to extend the shelf life of the drink, maintain the fresh taste, without sacrificing the nutritional integrity of the organic ingredients.

Enjoy it cold over ice; hot by itself, or with steamed milk to make a delicious ginger latte; or as a fantastic mixer with spirits.

Ginjan Brothers "Papi" and Rahim are on a mission to bring authentic traditional African drinks to the American market.

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