Candle Lover Set

BRAND: Harlem Candle Company
PRICE: $90

Choose two candles from our collection of seven scents to create a beautiful set of our luxury home fragrance collection.

Here are our suggestions...

FLORAL INSPIRED (Lenox + Savoy): Our floral bouquet candles are seductive with a beautiful combination of white flowers that exude femininity and elegance. 

JAZZ INSPIRED (Ellington + Savoy):  As the most celebrated and important composer in the history of jazz, Duke Ellington was a regular performer at the legendary Savoy Ballroom, a place that gave him great inspiration and was also the first integrated nightclub in NYC.  

OPULENT and EARTHY (Josephine + Holiday):  This sensual and hypnotic set of our Holiday and Josephine candles is the perfect blend of opulence and luxury.  

Ellington - Essence of Vibrant Woods
Lenox - Essence of Seductive Flowers
Holiday - Essence of Winter Spruce
Renaissance - Essence of Woods and Floral Musk
Savoy - Essence of Tropical Enchantment
Sugar Hill - Essence of Sparkling Citrus
Josephine - Essence of Opulent Amber

Includes: 2 large 12 oz candles