Body Buffer

PRICE: $4.50

Moisturize while exfoliating with our pumice-like Body Buffer that dissolves as you scrub. Your skin will feel rejuvenated as the Body Buffer transforms into a luxurious, exfoliating paste that removes dead skin cells without scratching your skin. Or dissolve in warm water and soak to calm irritated skin.

Directions: Wet the Body Buffer with a little warm water and scrub your skin to exfoliate. Then rinse in a warm shower or bath.  Your skin will feel smooth and soft with a healthy glow.

For all skin types. Free of all toxic chemicals including Sulfates, Parabens, Alcohols, Phthalates (Artificial Fragrance), Petrochemicals, Glycols (Propylene, Butylene, Ethylene), PEG’s (Polyethylene Glycol), Triclosan, DMDM Hydantion, DEA/MEA/TEA.

SPADÉT started as a mission to heal one child's eczema and blossomed into a wide range of all-natural products.

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