shop harlem made is a movement uniting Harlem-lovers and Harlem artisans.

Shop Harlem Made is all about Harlem. There's no place quite like it. Harlem's incredible history and vibrant spirit have made this little corner of New York City world-famous. Whether you've lived in the neighborhood for 50 years or jumped off a tour bus five minutes ago, it's impossible to resist its warmth, energy, and charm. 

Given the neighborhood's history of vision and tenacity, it should come as no surprise that Harlem is home to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and vendors. Many don't have a storefront, which can make them a little hard to find. You've probably spotted these business owners taking a bus down 125th St, walking down historic tree-lined streets, or having lunch at a local restaurant.

But unless you met them at a local market, you might not recognize some of Harlem's most interesting entrepreneurs. And you probably don't know where to buy their goods. 

We're on a mission to make Harlem made products accessible to everyone with a passion for the neighborhood.

The idea for Shop Harlem Made was born at a quarterly meeting of Harlem Park to Park members. The co-founders of Sunbird Creative, a local branding agency and HP2P member, saw an opportunity to fill a need they understood well.

Many of their solo entrepreneur clients were struggling to market their products effectively with very little time and few resources. Why not help many of Harlem's small businesses at once by doing what Sunbird did best: building a brand?

Harlem Park to Park, a social enterprise representing local businesses committed to cultural preservation and economic development, was growing every month. The organization was continually striving to find new ways to serve its diverse membership; the partnership was natural. Harlem Park to Park and Sunbird Creative co-developed the Shop Harlem Made brand, backed by a slew of local partners. 

Launched in summer 2017, Shop Harlem Made is a movement that supports Harlem's artisanal entrepreneurs through social media, video content, local events, and this beautiful online directory. 

Whether you're a resident, entrepreneur, tourist, or advocate... join us in celebrating Harlem-made products!